How to file a complaint against the builder at consumer court?

A complaint against the builder in the consumer court can take up to 1 year. A consumer complaint at a consumer court  against the builder can be filed for the following reasons: The builder has delivered poor quality work or work is not as per defined earlier at the time of registration. The builder hasContinue reading “How to file a complaint against the builder at consumer court?”

How to file a complaint under RERA?

In India, possession of a property is considered to be the mark of outstanding social standing. This is one of the reasons why home buyers in India are rising. Buyers generally invest their money in an under-construction project which makes them being at the mercy of the builders. The need for RERA Law was recognizedContinue reading “How to file a complaint under RERA?”

How to get a Marriage certificate?

Getting a marriage certificate in India is not so difficult. The marriage registration process is governed by the personal laws in India and are best guided by a legal consultant who knows the procedure for each concerned religion. The registration procedure for every religion is almost similar to each other. If anyone wants to getContinue reading “How to get a Marriage certificate?”

Complete Guide on RERA

What is the RERA Act 2016 and why is such a real estate law needed? The real estate sector has grown in recent years but consumers are not protected from the fraud that builders are doing. Though consumer protection laws are available in India but they are only curative, but not preventive. This has affectedContinue reading “Complete Guide on RERA”

Detailed Procedure for Name Change.

If anyone wants to change name at official documents because of any reason so you have to follow the following procedure after following this procedure your name will be changed officially the steps are as follows: Step 1 – Filing Affidavit Go to your local Notary or any good lawyer by there help make anContinue reading “Detailed Procedure for Name Change.”

How to solve dispute with builder legally?

Several builders promise to deliver your dream home but it fails due to many reasons, which results in homeowners having no roof on their head and paying his current house rents will be a burden as well along with the EMI’s. It’s the builders’ duty to deliver the property on time, the legal actions availableContinue reading “How to solve dispute with builder legally?”

What is IBC, 2016?

IBC 2016 or insolvency and bankruptcy code, 2016 strengthens various laws, regulations, and rules concerning insolvency and classifies insolvency, bankruptcy, and liquidation of nonfinancial entities. The previous 2 laws concerning the same were repealed and 11 amended. This law creates a time-bound process of insolvency resolution for the companies. The process of insolvency in thisContinue reading “What is IBC, 2016?”

How to get Death certificate?

You can get the death certificate of your loved once easily procedure for death certificate depends on the place where you are reciting. You can usually obtain any death certificate from the issuing authority where it was issued if you go in person, or through another person with a power of attorney. However, there areContinue reading “How to get Death certificate?”

What are the benefits of RERA?

RERA or real estate regulatory act 2016 is an act amended by the central government of India to help home buyers from getting safeguard themselves builder fraud. At this court matters related to the builder-dispute are entertained only no other cases are entertained so there are no extra cases due to this home buyers getContinue reading “What are the benefits of RERA?”

How to Change name officially in India?

The name change in India at various official documents is a three-step procedure. These steps are filling Affidavit, Newspaper publication and then gazette notification. If the first two steps i.e. filling affidavit and newspaper publication are legally not correct then your application will be rejected at the gazette office and you will have to repeatContinue reading “How to Change name officially in India?”

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