Top Property Lawyer Online in Delhi – Lawtendo

There are many legal websites, having a good number of lawyers on it, and ā€˜nā€™ number of free advice and counseling forums. One can easily get the best legal advice from the best property lawyer in Delhi and then as per their profile one can select the Advocate from your local pool. A person takingContinue reading “Top Property Lawyer Online in Delhi – Lawtendo”

How to file a complaint under RERA?

In India, possession of a property is considered to be the mark of outstanding social standing. This is one of the reasons why home buyers in India are rising. Buyers generally invest their money in an under-construction project which makes them being at the mercy of the builders. The need for RERA Law was recognizedContinue reading “How to file a complaint under RERA?”

Complete Guide on RERA

What is the RERA Act 2016 and why is such a real estate law needed? The real estate sector has grown in recent years but consumers are not protected from the fraud that builders are doing. Though consumer protection laws are available in India but they are only curative, but not preventive. This has affectedContinue reading “Complete Guide on RERA”

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